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Revolutionary Invention Rolls Into Sydney Supershow

For the first time in NSW, Australian Inventor, Paul Aubin will demonstrate his 4WD recovery device at the Caravan and Camping Industry Sydney Super Show held from Saturday 11th to Sunday 19th April 2015.

Aptly called “BOG OUT”, it is an ingenious and effective invention designed to rescue bogged vehicles where other methods have failed.  Essentially, it is a very strong harness that can turn your wheels into winches. Stranded drivers simply attach one end to a wheel that has lost traction, secure the other end to an anchor point, and simply drive themselves out of trouble using their own wheels as winches.

BOG OUT was developed and tested in the tough tropics of Northern Australia and has succeeded on many recoveries where other devices have failed. Compact, lightweight and economical, there’s very little maintenance and it even fits in your glove box!  Any off road enthusiast will want to get this simple device for their car if they want peace of mind next time they get off the beaten track.

Winner, “Innovation Excellence” in the prestigious Queensland TNQ20 Awards, BOG OUT has been a runaway success since its first product market test on Father’s Day in Cairns 2014 where it sold out. Its YouTube promotional clip achieved record views when released through Facebook media.  Now the inventor has towed his custom-made Jeep look-a-like trailer from Cairns to Sydney in order to show the public his invention for the first time.

“BOG OUT is easy to use.  This super strong harness can be tied to EITHER the front or rear wheels for forward OR rear recovery. It then takes the rotational capacity of any vehicles wheel and turns it into a winch.  Vehicles already have massive winch capacity and BOG OUT captures that force and turns it into movement – exactly what you want when you’re stuck.” explains, inventor, Paul Aubin.

Usually the Australian-made 4WD Recovery Device can only be purchased online, so Paul Aubin is excited to be part of the 2015 Supershow at Stand 113, in the Outdoors area where he will demonstrate true self-recovery with his revolutionary invention.

More information:

Contact: Paul Aubin,   Mobile: 0418 772 751

www.bogout.com        www.facebook.com/bogout    Private Email: [email protected]

See BOG OUT in action from BOG OUT YouTube or via our website.



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