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Best Method to Get Your Vehicle Out of a Bog

Article appeared in PNG Post-Courier, Friday May 6, 2016

TROUBLE getting bogged? No problem. New from
Australia is a solution that will have you wondering
“why didn’t I think of that?”

BOG OUT is a simple and reliable recovery device,
suitable for all vehicles large and small. Essentially,
it is a very strong harness designed to
turn your wheels into winches.

All vehicles already have massive winch capability
by way of their driven wheels. BOG OUT
captures that and simply turns it into movement,
which is exactly what you want when you’re

BOG OUT works equally well for forward or reverse
recovery, by using the front or rear wheels
which makes it the most versatile system ever.
Mud, sand or snow makes no difference. Simply
attach one end to a wheel that has lost traction, and
the other to an anchor point like a tree, and drive
yourself out of trouble.

It was developed and torture tested in the tough
tropics of Northern Australia over the last ten
years and has completed many recoveries where
other devices have failed.

BOG OUT is economical, can double as a tow rope
and can even fit in your glove box. It is a ‘must
have’ for any rough road user.

Available online www.bogout.com with fast delivery
from Cairns, BOG OUT allows for quick and
safe use and will make life easier for Government,
Recreation and Tourism, Mining and Civil Industries,
remote communities.

Trade inquiries also welcome.


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