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4WD Action tests BOG OUT


4WD Action Product Testing

Tie on to your wheel, find an anchor point to attach to, and drive out – it’s that simple with Bog Out!

How good are Aussie designed and made products eh? Bog Out is exactly that.

Designed, tested and made in tropical North Queensland, Bog Out is a new and unique 4WD recovery system that is safe to use, compact, ultra-strong and super reliable.

For over 10 years, Paul Aubin, the creator of Bog Out, has been testing this form of 4WD recovery in rugged North Queensland.


Good question, but really, it’s dead simple. Firstly, consider your best anchor point in the area and the most suitable path to recovery. Attach one end of the Bog Out to either your front or back wheel, whichever way you’re going to recover yourself. You can do this two ways – either connecting it through your rim or creating a snare around your tyre. Once the Bog Out is attached to your 4WD, attach the other end to an anchor point.


Then, slowly drive out of the bog in low range first or reverse. This creates a winch like effect, with your wheel being the winch! While driving out, ensure the Bog Out is forming a harness for your tyre, and not riding off or over it. That’s it, quick and easy self-recovery!

Designed for Your Wheel


Each Bog Out is rated to 4 tonnes, meaning they’re ultra-strong and won’t let you down in sticky situations!

4WD Action Review
BOG OUT Product Profile

If you’re still doubting the strength, you can use two Bog Out’s, giving a massive haul capacity of 8 tonnes! You’ll find it insanely difficult to break a BOG OUT, as most vehicles can only deliver 2 tonnes of force to their wheels before the clutch lets go. Therefore, Bog Out is twice as strong as the weakest part of the drive chain!



PH: 1300 264 688

W: www.bogout.com


Download article from 4WD Action Magaine, Ed 263 Page 147  4WD263 147 PROFILE bog out 2


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