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Borgy’s 4 Star Review in Camper Trailer Australia


Over the last few months, I’ve been putting the Bog Out winch system to the test and, I’ve got to say, these are an extremely versatile bit of kit. If you haven’t seen these little beauties in action before, there’s basically two 4t-rated 4.5m-long plaited braid harnesses that are designed to wrap around your vehicles tyres. As your vehicles wheel rotates, the Bog Out harnesses effectively turns your wheels into a super efficient recovery winch; nothing like having a full sized 4WD engine to power your winch, eh?

Now these things have a huge range of nifty benefits – at just 2.4kg they’re as light as a feather, so there’s no straining your back like a lot of other recovery devices. Plus, they’re 100 per cent portable which means you can use them on most vehicles anywhere, anytime. This is extremely handy if you come across unequipped 4WDs that are bogged, or you can’t get  a winch to them. Plus, it means you can rescue yourself without the aid of another vehicle, and you can even pull it backwards or forwards out of trouble.

But the range of uses doesn’t end there. They can be used on ATVS, tractors, cars, you name it! And with a 4t rating, they also make great tow ropes too.The Bog Out system is fairly easy to use once you get the hang of it. But it will require some thought to the best way to rig up the recovery, and in sticky mud they do require you to get down and dirty to set them up around the wheel. But this lower mounting location also means the Bog Out pulls from the lowest possible point of the vehicle (the bottom of the tyres) and allows the vehicle to drive itself up and out of the bog effectively reducing the load compared to higher mounting points. You will need to keep a close eye on their alignment as there is always the risk of damaging break lines if something doesn’t go to plan but, let’s face it, every recovery should be closely monitored.

The Bog Out system really does tick a lot of boxes, and when it comes to value for money you’d be hard pressed finding a more reliable and versatile unit for the money.

– Borgy
Rating 4 Stars

Source: Camper Trailer Australia, Issue 100 May 2016


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