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4WD Action Magazine

Review appeared in Australian 4WD Action Magazine, Issue No 230

BOG OUT Review - 4WDAction

BOG OUT is the latest 4WD recovery device to hit the tracks. It’s simple and effective. Essentially, it is a very strong harness designed to turn your wheels into winches. Just tie one end to a wheel that has lost traction, and secure the other end to an anchor point. Then slowly drive out of trouble!

Developed and tested in the tough tropics of northern Australia, BOG OUT has completed many recoveries where other devices have failed. It’s economical, can even double as a tow rope, and is compact enough to fit in your glove box. It’s a ‘must have’ for any off road enthusiast.

BOG OUT works equally well for forward or reverse as it can be tied to either the front or rear wheels. Mud, sand or snow makes no difference to BOG OUT’s effectiveness either.

Extremely durable, and 4 tonnes tough, BOG OUT offers true self-recovery. It works by taking the rotational capability of any vehicle’s wheel and turns it into a strong winch. Vehicles already have massive winch capability by way of their driven wheels. BOG OUT captures that force and simply turns it into movement, which is exactly what you want when you’re stuck.

BOG OUT fits all vehicles and comes in single or twin packs. One will get you out of a lot of trouble, twin packs are designed for the more serious adventurer. They come in a handy back sack, complete with connector ties and full user manual.

BOG OUT is priced at $159 for the single pack and $279 for a twin pack. Buy online here.


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