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Barra Turns Shark Bait

A MASSIVE barramundi met a grisly fate in front of shocked customers at a Cairns beachside bar after it was attacked by a shark. About half a dozen people enjoying end-of-week drinks at Strait on the Beach at Holloways Beach

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Camping With Kids

Article appeared in PAKMAG March 2015 CONFIDENCE COMES FROM PLANNING AHEAD. THEN ADD A BIT OF TRIAL AND ERROR. We were intrepid travellers, once. It was just the two of us, throwing everything into the four wheel drive and then

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4WD Action Magazine

Review appeared in Australian 4WD Action Magazine, Issue No 230 BOG OUT is the latest 4WD recovery device to hit the tracks. It’s simple and effective. Essentially, it is a very strong harness designed to turn your wheels into winches. Just

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Inventor’s On A Roll

A SIMPLE but effective device to rescue stranded vehicles in all manner of situations is set to go global. Inventor and manufacturer Paul Aubin is making the first 500 Bog Out award winning vehicle recovery systems himself before it goes

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