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The 4×4 Show Must Drive On

BOG OUT is back for the 2016 Brisbane National 4×4 show.  Wow! A whole 12 months since our very first expo. Actually, we didn’t think we’d even get out of Cairns last year!

BOG OUT Demo Trailer ConstructionBOG OUT is manufactured near Cairns, 1,680 km from Brisbane (THAT’s 22 hours non-stop driving). We had 18 shows booked all over Australia’s east coat and needed to transport our stock in a purpose made trailer which also doubled as a 4×4 working display model.

So, Paul suggested cutting up and welding an old trailer because he needed a short-wheel base trailer.  It puts the wheel near the ‘front’ for easy demo, eg how easy it is to tie on a BOG OUT  and how the harness captures the spinning or bogged wheel and turns it into a winch.

But it’s cyclone season and it rained, and rained and rained. Undeterred, Paul continued to build his ‘ark’ under the family washing line until finally the Bog Demo 4WD-Trailer was ready and packed.  Running late, the paint was still wet for capturing flying insects but at least Paul was on his way.  So we thought…

BOG OUT Show Demo Trailer11pm, I get a call. The draw bar has snapped in half and Paul is stuck in a cane field in Innisfail (just an hour South of Cairns).  More flying insects not stuck to the paint!

Paul is a resourceful character (that’s why and how he invented the BOG OUT).  First light, he jacks up the trailer, saws through broken metal, zips back to Cairns – buys out the hardware store and returns to the paddock to furiously drill and mend everything except a lot of lost time.

Next stop was Brisbane whilst I communicated with the show organising special security gates to be reopened and our BOG OUT 4×4 Show was set up in the nick of time.

Paul flew to Brisbane this year.

Come and see us this year at the 2016 National 4×4 show – Lower RICC, Stand F100 (and yes, its still the same trailer).

Other 2016 Shows:BOG OUT 4x4 Brisbane Show 2015

  • NSW Caravan and Camping Supershow (Sydney) 9 -17 April 2016 (Stables Area)
  • Queensland Caravan and Camping Show (Brisbane) 8 – 13

If you can’t make these shows – buy online or visit one of our 4WD  retailers

Comments (2)

  • Tom Reply

    Purchased these today, can’t wait to give it a try in the yard *or to lend to a Toyota driver to get out of something 🙂

    June 12, 2016 at 10:31 am
    • Charlie Aubin Reply

      Go Tom! Great to hear you’ll check your gear in the safety of home. Read the full User Manual inside. NB you do need to be bogged and make sure you take it SLOWLY. Love to see your photos/video.

      June 12, 2016 at 11:45 am


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