4.5T Soft Shackle (New!)


BOG OUT soft shackles are made specifically to complement the BOG OUT recovery system. Our soft shackles are made to our own specifications with a breaking strength of over 4.5 tonnes and can be used anywhere in place of steel shackles providing a safer and quicker option. Joining your BOG OUT to an extension rope is a breeze and now even easier to undo after recovery. Purchase BOG OUT Soft Shackles separately in packs of two or included in our Pro Packs.

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4.5 Tonne Soft Shackles (80mm loop – 6mm diameter x 278mm length)

Introducing our latest must have accessory, 4.5 Tonne soft shackles, made from super low stretch, high quality dyneema-type material and the perfect companion for attaching BOG OUT Extension Ropes.

BOG OUT soft shackles are purpose designed to be used in the BOG OUT vehicle recovery system as a safe alternative to metal D-Shackles.



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